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Our Second Annual Art Exchange, Lots of LOTR, and More ~ an art dump

Hey guys! We’ve officially made it through half the year. Whoohoo! And since it’s been almost half a year since my last one, I decided it’s time for another art dump.

So, some of you may remember the art exchange Earnest and I did last year for his birthday. (If you don’t remember it, you can go see it again here.) Well, we decided to do it again this year, Tolkien style. *cracks knuckles* Also my other brother, Jack, decided to join us this year. And let me tell you, I was quite impressed with what my bros created.

Jack drew the Hobbit for me. I love how he filled in the detail of the flowers on his vest. 🙂

Clapping Hobbits GIF - TheLordOfTheRings TheHobbit Applause GIFs

Then Earnest drew Gandalf and the bolrog for Jack.

You Shall Not Pass Lotr GIF - YouShallNotPass Lotr DoNotEnter GIFs

He also made a little something else just for fun.

*hand over heart* Isn’t it beautiful? *wipes away a tear*

And I finished my drawing for Earnest just in time to give it to him on his birthday.

He didn’t say anything when I showed it to him. Just let out a wheezy sigh, like a dying old man. Which I can only assume meant:
GIF inception - animated GIF on GIFER

My siblings always expect so much from me.Cillian Murphy Crying GIF - CillianMurphy Crying Weep - Discover ...

My younger brother, Linus, recently went through a Frodo Baggins phase, in which he claimed to be Frodo Baggins. It was rather amusing, since he’s not old enough to read and hasn’t seen the movies.

We recently went on a walk to the creek and we all took off our shoes to dip our toes in the refreshing frigidness. Linus was climbing around barefoot and I overheard this conversation:

Linus: Look! I’m Frodo Baggins!
Older sibling: Um… Frodo has hair on his feet.
Linus: Yeah, well, I shaved ’em!

Well… not sure what to think of that.

Anyway, it was only a matter of time before he asked me to make him a picture of Mr. Frodo. So I did a digital painting for him.
Frodo8 Final

He was quite pleased, but he wants a print.

GIF boromir - animated GIF on GIFER
“Say what?”

Well, I’m unable to make or purchase a print at the moment. But I did make a process gif where you can see all the awkward phases this little painting went through.

My personal favorite:

Frodo3 - Copy

In other areas of art, I’ve been doing a lot of sketching in my sketchbook.

Owl City. This one was a lot of fun, but I had to stop myself before I filled in too much of the details. 😛

For this one I made a 20 minute playlist and decided to see what kind of sketch I could make in that time.
You probably have no idea who this is… If you do, wow. May I shake your virtual hand?And yes, that’s my life motto written on the bottom. This sketch is just too far beyond repair, so I just started over.


Well, look who it is again! Still not as accurate as I would like, but it’s better than my first try (Which isn’t hard to beat at all, haha.)

I sketched Steph Curry. Why? I don’t know. I just felt like drawing an athlete and Steph Curry is pretty cool. Sometimes you don’t choose fan art. Sometimes fan art chooses you.

Paul McCartney and his daughter. I’m actually pretty happy with how this one turned out…. for once.

Some more digital art…
Graffiti in Queens

It’s a Hispanic kid making graffiti in Queens. (Because graffiti is legal there. I done my research.) Why did I paint this? *shrugs* It was just an image that came into my mind one afternoon and I thought, “hey I should paint that.” So here we are. Earnest helped with the graffiti and there’s a couple hidden and not so hidden symbols, words, and names that we threw in there for fun.

And another digital painting I did of a friend.
Mrs. Crowe

I’m actually very happy with how this one turned out, and she loved it, so (for lack of a better word) yay! 

And last but not least, a little glimpse into what’s been keeping me from posting these past few weeks.

I’ve been illustrating a book. Yes, it has been a loooong, hard journey. Because, as you know, I’m really good at procrastinating. Ugh. *facepalm* Anyway, this June I decided I was going to finish the illustrations. I still have to do the cover artwork, but if I could just finish the inside illustrations that would be a huge load off my shoulders. So I did. I worked until I got it done. And, wow. Let me tell you after years of having this project hanging over my head, it feels amazing.

So, the author gave me permission to share some of my work and here’s one of my favorites.


Well, there you have it. Some of the art I’ve been making. I hope you enjoyed seeing it. My brain is too tired to write up a more of an elaborate outro, so…. Byeee!


10 Replies to “Our Second Annual Art Exchange, Lots of LOTR, and More ~ an art dump”

  1. WOW! Your whole family is full of very talented artists! *applauds* 👏 This is so coincidental because me and my family JUST finished a LOTR marathon of watching the movies 😂 And also??? Your Sam drawing is AMAZING!!! 😱 And you’re illustrating a book??? That is just SO awesome!! Congrats!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dear Chalice, As usual i’m speechless. The book illustration is just beautiful and the one of your friend looks like you could talk to her and she would respond. Her joyful personality just pops out.
    So impressed with Jack and Earnest. Mary is right, so much talent in your family, Pass my praises on to them. So proud of you all. Looking forward to more art “dumps” in the future. Love, Grandma

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Dear Grandma,
      Thank you so much. Your comments always touch me, an encourage me to keep going. 💛💛
      And yes!! I was so impressed with what Jack and Earnest created! I passed your message to them.
      Love you too,


  3. Doth mine eyes deceive me? Be it trickery?????? *dies*

    In case that wasn’t clear enough, I adore your art. Sam. I HEART it. *dies again*

    Also, your brothers’ art will surpass mine in two seconds. *dies for the last time*


  4. Oh my goodness Chalice everything you do with your hands is INCREDIBLE! I was super impressed with Steph and the digital painting if your friend and the last illustration … they were wonderful 🤩
    Your little brothers’ drawings were so good as welll … they have a lot of potential for sure!
    p.s. I love how you posts make me laugh AND blow me away ❤️
    power to the local dreamer ||-//

    Liked by 1 person

  5. This post made me all levels of happy. ❤️❤️❤️

    I absolutely adore your art posts, Chalice, and this one was just plain wonderful-ness! *hugs it* I LOVE the second one of Frodo but they are all so beautiful. And your brothers are wonderful artists. 🙂 Also, Owl City. *ten-thousand hearts*

    *sigh* this made my day and I keep scrolling back and forth looking at all the lovely art. 😊 Thanks for sharing this with us, Chalice and Co. ❤️


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