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What I’ve Been Working On Lately

I’ve had blogger’s block lately. (I think it’s probably due to never blogging before. :P) So instead of writing up an inspirational blog post on stepping out of your comfort zone like I was planning, I decided to just show y’all what I’ve been working on lately.

I did a little playing around with some digital art in GIMP a while ago, painting in a caricature sketch I did of Kari Jobe.

When I’m experimenting with a new medium it normally takes a while for me to get the hang of it, but digital art finally clicked with me while I was working on this. Yay!C.S. Kari Jobe - Copy.png

I also started a charcoal drawing of a lion last week. I’ve been realizing how much I like drawing with charcoal and I’m really excited about it. Here’s a picture of my WIP (Work In Progress). I want to try a portrait in charcoal sometime.Lion WIP

And another sketch that I want to turn into a digital painting. This picture popped into my head while I was reading John 10:27-30. I think it’ll be a while before I’m able to make time to finish this, but here’s what I have right now.picture20181031_14575741.jpg

Well, that’s about it. Maybe I’ll get around to writing that inspirational blog post later.

Hope you enjoyed seeing what I’ve been working on! πŸ™‚


8 Replies to “What I’ve Been Working On Lately”

  1. Yes, I did enjoy seeing what you are working on. I already love the lion. And it touches my heart to see the father & son walking hand in hand. How precious.
    Love your work.


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