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Artist Tries to Be Photographer—what happens next will absolutely BLOW YOUR MIND

Well, hello folks. Welcome to the first segment of Chalice Posts About Something She Knows Nothing About. Today’s topic: Photography. (How do you like my click-bait title? 😁)

That’s right, folks. Now, I don’t know actually know nothing about photography. I do know that it’s more than just hitting a button. There’s this whole artistic editing business that involves the delicate process of slapping on filters, but in such a way that it looks completely natural. Which I don’t think I’m that great at. But hey, I try.

(Read: This is a photo dump.)

I’ve always enjoyed seeing other peoples photography, and I didn’t really have any other ideas for this weeks post. I hope you enjoy!

#AbsolutelyNoFilter #NoneAtAll #ItCameOutOfTheCameraThatWay #OkayMaybeItDidn’t

Last fall my sister and my other sister and brother-in-law and niblings and I embarked on a journey… to Tennessee. For a friends wedding. It was great fun. We listened to Louis L’Amour audiobooks and The Four Loves, by C.S. Lewis, during which I fell asleep during the whole section about romantic love. But during the time that I was awake, I got a little camera happy.

This one would probably look better in black and white, but I kind of liked the golden-ish light on the right side.
I just realized how crooked this picture is…. Oh, well.

Maybe I’m still a kid, but isn’t there something magical about driving over a bridge?? 😛 My nieces certainly thought so!

Random building.
We enjoyed some crazy weather along the way. 😛

One of my favorite photos from the entire trip:

I don’t have any pictures from the wedding. I prefer living in the moment for that sort of thing. That or turning into an absolute camera maniac. There’s no in between.

On the way home. Hey, look! It’s raining again!
I call this one, “Nashville Nocturne.”

Aaand I pretty much fell asleep to Louis L’Amour again after we got out of the city. Overall it was an awesome trip, and I’m grateful to my sister and brother-in-law for offering to take us along. 🙂

I’m a firm believer in finding beauty in the ordinary moments. Like waiting in the parking lot for an appointment.

Or watching the sun set through a fingerprint smattered window.

Or something as simple as a snowfall.

*dies of winter-y happiness*
A wee close-up shot from the garden. Too much editing??

Of course, it was all mostly melted the next day. But it was pretty while it lasted. And pretty after it was gone…

I did make a few adjustments to this photo, but this was seriously what it looked like.

And then last week, it snowed. Really snowed. And I was off like a mad scientist who’d never seen snow before and just had to document the phenomenon. (Okay, not my best metaphor…)

I haven’t seen this much snow since I don’t know when. Usually our “big” snowfalls barely cover the ground.

“After the Angel,” by Chalice Sleep. Circa 2021

I might have sang “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” a few times. 🙄

Friday night sunset was so colorful and yet so still. This picture doesn’t even begin to do it justice.

As of today, the snow is mostly gone, the ice is melting, and it feels like spring. I’m trying not to be sad. 😛

Well, as much as I enjoy tweaking images to make them look more like they do in real life—or just more artistic—there are just some picture that don’t require anything.

Sunrise on the way to TN

I think I found the field that Mr. Darcy confessed his love in:

Well, what d’ya know? another sunrise. I like sunrises in case you can’t tell.

You’ve got to admit, God creates some amazing things. The sky might be one of my many favorites. 🙂 I would expand on that thought, but I don’t feel like I have to. It kind of speaks for itself.

The heavens declare the glory of God, and the Sky above proclaims his handiwork. ~Psalm 19:1


10 Replies to “Artist Tries to Be Photographer—what happens next will absolutely BLOW YOUR MIND”

  1. Love this! ❤

    The winter pictures and the one of your sister and brother-in-law driving are my favorites. The lighting, the rain, and the way they're looking at each other is very nostalgic, in my humble-no-nothing-about-photography opinion. 🙂

    And no, you're not alone! When we travel, it is common for someone to announce, "Hey, we're going over a bridge!" and everyone gets excited. 😛 We also like tunnels. Tunnels are cool.


  2. Oooh these were gorgeous!!! I especially love the sunset and tree ones. And I totally agree, there’s a certain magic to finding beauty and joy in even the most ordinary of things.

    (oh yeah, I totally snorted at the truck one 😆 That is a gem.)


  3. Chalice, for not being a huge photographer, you are AWESOME at photography!! I actually love the first one and *gasps* a unicorn stuffy??? I LOVE IT TOO MUCH.


  4. I don’t think the cat liked the Disney songs. Haha
    And love is sent to the unicorn. XD
    Seriously though, some of my “professional photos” don’t look as cool as this, so, I think your pictures are cool.


  5. I laughed so hard at your title before I even saw the post. Fantastic click bait. XD
    But then I read the post and I really like your photography anyways??? Like it’s mind blowing lol??
    Maybe not mind blowing but certainly fantastic 😉

    whoever drives that truck needs a story based off of them


  6. also that field is literally it
    how did you find it
    the tree and everything XD

    (that scene with Mr. Darcy always makes me cringe/laugh-in-pain. It is nothing like the book but whateverrrrr the other version was more loyal *coughs*)


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